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“His History” Feature in the NY Times

A Bigger Canvas for Jayson Musson Includes Puppets and Picasso. He’s back to making videos that poke fun at the ways of the art world, but a sprawling new show allows viewers to see how he puts it all together. Musson stars in the videos as a collector named Jay, who explains the relevance of…

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“His History” Feature in ART FORUM

This July, after more than a year of working quietly as the artist-in-residence at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, Jayson Musson finally revealed His History of Art, a raucous multimedia installation featuring three episodes of a sidesplitting sitcom starring Musson as Jay, a pontifical art collector in a corduroy suit, and his unlikely roommate Ollie, a permastoned…

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“Philly D.A., the docuseries from PBS’ Independent Lens that shines a light on Larry Krasner, who fought the city’s district attorney’s office as a civil rights lawyer for 30 years before he was elected to the position himself, has won a Peabody Award. The eight-part series from All Ages Productions, Department of Motion Pictures and ITVS will be…

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PHILLY D.A. WINS A DUPONT-COLUMBIA AWARD for “Journalistic Excellence”

“PBS led all honorees with 4 duPont Awards, including wins for Philly D.A., the docu-series about Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner, the POV documentaries Through The Night and Softie, and an investigation called Wasteland, which Frontline produced in conjunction with NPR and Planet Money.”   READ FULL ARTICLE

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SLATE: PHILLY D.A. is one of the TOP 5 TV shows of 2021!

4. The documentary series Philly D.A. (PBS/Topic) is sort of like if Aaron Sorkin and The Wire had a nonfiction baby. It follows the progressive defense attorney Larry Krasner just as he was elected, in 2017, to lead Philadelphia’s prosecutors’ office as an activist district attorney, out to end mass incarceration. When I say it’s like Sorkin, I mean…

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VOGUE calls Philly D.A. one of the best TV shows of 2021

How real, fundamental, sustainable change happens is something that’s been on many minds in the past year, and Philly D.A. is a riveting docuseries that sheds light on one corner of that tumultuous process. Filmmakers Ted Passon, Yoni Brook, and Nicole Salazar follow Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times…

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The documentary filmmakers Ted Passon and Yoni Brook captured no trial scenes because of restrictions on shooting, but the sweeping story of efforts to reform the Philadelphia district attorney’s office involved themes of policing, security and equality far beyond the courthouse walls. District Attorney Larry Krasner (who won re-election in November), made for a prickly, passionate protagonist,…

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Philadelphia’s elected district attorney Larry Krasner represents a transformative force running through the American legal system: He is a career defense attorney who seeks to reform a punitive system. This clear-eyed documentary series explores the promise of and the challenges to his approach, with a city built of various opposed constituencies alternately embracing or rejecting…

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VOX: PHILLY D.A. is “essential viewing”

“If you ignore documentaries generally but enjoy a good prestige drama, there’s plenty for you here.” “If you want to change the world, is it best to enter the halls of power yourself so you can change the institutions in charge from the inside? Or is it better to stay agitating from the outside, where…

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SNAIL MAIL: “#1 Music Video of the Month” Pitchfork

“For “Valentine,” the heartbroken title track from Snail Mail’s forthcoming sophomore album, Lindsey Jordan brilliantly unites Bridgerton-style period drama with a gory story of revenge. Dressed in ornate finery, Jordan plays the secret lover to an upper-class girl. The video cuts between stolen moments between the two and a packed gala where, faced with the girl’s…

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Larry Krasner File Boxes

NEW YORKER: “Captivating… feels more like a political thriller than a documentary”

In May, Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s progressive district attorney, beat back a primary challenge from Carlos Vega, a moderate Democrat. Since Philadelphia is a Democratic stronghold, Krasner is a shoo-in to win reëlection in November. The primary was viewed as a referendum on Krasner’s unorthodox approach to prosecution, which starts with the belief that shrinking the footprint of…

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