“Where Eagles Dare”

QCM / Sailor Jerry Rum

“Darryl Nelson: Blacksmith”

QCM / Sailor Jerry Rum

“Bottle Plant”

QCM / Sailor Jerry


QCM / Pilsner Urquell

“Made in Czech”

Pilsner Urquell

Hendricks “Unbearable 30 Global” (nosub)

QCM / Hendrick's Gin

“The Unusual World of Hendricks Gin”

William Grant & Sons Distillers

“So Many Ways to Bond”

QCM / Hendrick's Gin

“Thanksgiving Dinner”

Tierney / PLCB

“Kirk Lombard: Sea Forager”


“How to Make a Shandy”

Narragansett Beer

Guinness Brewers Project

“La Vida Comida”

WeHolden / Smithfield

GFX Reel “2018”

All Ages Productions