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Cool Hunting reviews Tierra Whack’s ‘Dora’

By November 2, 2020October 17th, 2023

Katie Olsen
November 2020

It comes as no surprise to Tierra Whack fans that her latest release, “Dora,” provides an off-kilter, playful and captivating listen. Her first solo single since 2019’s “Unemployed,” the song comes accompanied by visuals from conceptual artist Alex Da Corte. Pulling plenty of inspiration (and some characters) from Sesame Street—which Whack has cited as an influence before—the video enthralls viewers with bold colors and surreal imagery. At times, Whack appears as a pink half-horse or a lamp, riding a plastic tortoise, floating in a can of soup or surrounded by a cast of puppets and various anthropomorphic characters. Short, sweet and drenched in Whack’s charm, it’s a welcome return for the talented Philadelphia rapper, singer and songwriter.

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