EnHom Mike Robinson

EnHom Trey Lyford

EnHom Teddy Ames

EnHom Matt & Jacquie

Comedy duo: http://www.incredibleshrinkingmattandjacquie.com/video

EnHom Rose Luardo

Rose is an amazing comedian: http://www.roseluardo.com/

EnHom Julie Frey

NOTE: There was a miscommunication with Julia and she thought we wanted her to play deadpan and a little silly. She's a great actress though.

EnHom Doogie Horner

Doogie is an accomplished stand up: http://doogiehorner.com/comedy.html & https://soundcloud.com/comedydynamics/doogie-horner-a-delicate-man-cheese-hater

EnHom Carin Cramer

EnHom Kurt Hunte

EnHom Jacquie Baker

EnHom Matt Schmid