PATRICE: The Movie

Sizzle Reel

Patrice and Garry Hotel Room

The night before their first ice skating competition, and Garry's first time performing ever, Patrice and Garry prepare for their routine.

Patrice Reception Set-Up

Unable to get legally married, Patrice, Garry and their friends prepare for the commitment ceremony, which is now only one day away.

Cans for a Van

After Patrice's van breaks down she and Garry start trying to raise money for a new one.

Patrice and Garry in the pool.

A swimming pool provides some much needed relief.

Patrice Raises Money for the Van

After spending a year trying to raise money for a new van Patrice, Garry, and Elizabeth get a big surprise.

Elizabeth and Delaney Dress Shopping with Patrice

Elizabeth and Delaney talk about whether they want to get married and have kids in the future.

Elizabeth Upset

The stress of getting the reception room ready comes to a head for Elizabeth.