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Plastic Little: “Dopeness”

Plastic Little MC, Kurt Hunte, is a pop-locking doctor who makes his rounds amidst dancing nurses and patients.

Voted “one of the best music videos of 2007″ by both and The Reel Magazine.

“if it was a French short film and not a rap video you’d be putting it in a museum.” Mother Jones

the best clip most definitely not getting any VMA love.Stereogum

  • Client: Free News Projects
  • Director: Ted Passon
  • Producer: Duncan Frazier
  • DP: Dominique Caron
  • Gaffer: Kevin Gallagher
  • Choreographer: Devynn Emory
  • Steadicam: Joel Minnich
  • Editor/Color: Valerie Keller
  • FX: Jason Fetz
  • Make-up: Ruby Muro