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Celebrating National Pasta Day with … SPAGHETTI TACOS!

By October 17, 2023October 25th, 2023

On this here October 17th, in honor of National Pasta Day, we might just be craving those carefree days of our creative conception, where a bunch of awesome art kids got paid to make a kid’s show with all of their art kid friends!

Fire up the wayback machine to “LET’s EAT!” – where our heroes Chef Kurt and The Hydra (aka the strongest creature in the world!) get emails from kids all over the world, asking them for recipes to create awesome concoctions.

LET’S EAT “Spaghetti Tacos”

Featuring a concluding dance party ruled by Spank Rock and Amanda Blank!

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, children’s television was delightfully insane.

Directed by Ted Passon
Produced by Lisa Fassano
Starring Kurt Hunte and THE HYDRA!

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  • Director: Ted Passon
  • Client: Activity TV