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Le1f “Hush BB”

By December 5, 2013April 4th, 2018

Le1f’s mesmerizing, glitchy beats and his provocative, richly referential lyrics are infiltrating hip hop. His catchy collage of high and low culture, welcome at the Whitney and Irving Plaza, P.S. 1 and Los Globos, makes a perfect match for director Alex Da Corte, who consumes, metabolizes, and secretes mass culture into anally precise painting and sculpture. For the brooding, glamorous “Hush Bb,” Le1f and a female model take turns writhing on velvet sheets and smoking out of Da Corte’s signature plastic tubing, the video slowed like Le1f’s syrupy vocals. Here, Le1f (and culture itself) is the MC Escher triangle from his breakout video “Wut”: a snake eating its own tail.

  • Director: Alex DaCorte
  • Client: Moca TV