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SNAIL MAIL: “#1 Music Video of the Month” Pitchfork

By October 10, 2021October 25th, 2023

“For “Valentine,” the heartbroken title track from Snail Mail’s forthcoming sophomore album, Lindsey Jordan brilliantly unites Bridgerton-style period drama with a gory story of revenge. Dressed in ornate finery, Jordan plays the secret lover to an upper-class girl. The video cuts between stolen moments between the two and a packed gala where, faced with the girl’s boyfriend, Jordan’s grip on reality begins to slip. The singer plays up the manic energy, stuffing her face with cake and downing big glasses of wine, before her jealousy eventually becomes lethal. Ending in a Tarantino-worthy shower of blood, this video is as hauntingly bittersweet and unexpected as Jordan’s songwriting.”


Directed by Josh Coll
Cinematography by Drew Saracco
Stylist: Alexa Lanza
Wardrobe: Alexa O’Neill
Gaffer: Shane Moore
Produced by Laris Kreslins

All Ages Productions | Full Service Film and Video Production Since 2012 | “Everything is Possible” |
  • Director: Josh Coll
  • Client: Matador Records