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The Washington Post names Philly D.A. “one of the best TV shows of 2021”

By July 7, 2021October 17th, 2023

“Philly D.A.” has been compared endlessly to “The Wire,” and rightly so. An eight-part portrait of Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who was elected the head prosecutor of one of America’s most incarcerated cities in 2017 on a campaign of racial equity, the docuseries is a nuanced and sobering account of what it takes to create change — and the limitations of what one man can achieve, especially when he’s surrounded by people who share his outrage and sense of urgency but may ultimately enable his self-segregation from potential allies. The show incorporates a wide variety of perspectives from those affected by Krasner’s ambitious agenda, from suspects and prisoners released through his reforms to the police officers and their reps lashing out against a district attorney that views them with contempt. Krasner even confounds many of his employees, like the prosecutors under him suddenly bereft of institutional knowledge after a staff purge. Too many TV docs feel bloated, but “Philly D.A.” judiciously uses its wide canvas to tell as full and multifaceted a story as it can about an effort to find justice within our ailing court system that’s too radical for some and not radical enough for many.

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