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NY TIMES | PHILLY D.A. “Critic’s Pick: The legal thriller we need right now…”

“Philly D.A.,” a new documentary series from “Independent Lens” on PBS, never steps inside a courtroom. There are no surprise witnesses, no brutal cross-examinations, no stunning verdicts. But it’s as captivating, timely and relevant a legal drama as you’re likely to watch this spring. The eight-part weekly series, which aired its first two episodes on…

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All Ages Productions // PUMA - Last Man Standing // Description - film video production Philadelphia

PUMA’s Battle Royale IV: Last Man Standing

Created for the “PUMA Running” campaign, featuring personality Robai, PUMA’s vision was both to document the campaign while creating fun viral videos. PUMA’s “Last Man Standing” run featured various top ranked runners from the US and abroad to find out who would come out on top. Client: PUMA Director/Editor: Ted Passon Producer: Brian Poerner Videography:…

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All Ages Productions // 21 Club // Description - film video production Philadelphia

New York City’s infamous 21 Club

We take a look back at the infamous 21 Club in New York City, showcasing the club in a style that was more modern and accessible but still retaining the elegance of their brand. This bar’s history expands through decades, originating from the prohibition era. Co-produced with our friends at Redshift-Blueshift. 21 Club: “Welcome” Director/Producer/Videography:…

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Vox says PHILLY D.A. is one of “15 groundbreaking, unsettling, joyous documentaries to look for this year.”

“Philly D.A. is an eight-part documentary series about Krasner’s new role, and it’s thrilling and intriguing to watch. The first two episodes, which premiered at Sundance, are engrossing, fast paced, and clear about the stakes of the DA office trying to implement a new agenda while retaining public trust, and the challenges of trying to turn a ship in a new direction. ”

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