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SNAIL MAIL: “#1 Music Video of the Month” Pitchfork

For “Valentine,” the heartbroken title track from Snail Mail’s forthcoming sophomore album, Lindsey Jordan brilliantly unites Bridgerton-style period drama with a gory story of revenge. Dressed in ornate finery, Jordan plays the secret lover to an upper-class girl. The video cuts between stolen moments between the two and a packed gala where, faced with the girl’s…

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Larry Krasner File Boxes

NEW YORKER: “Captivating… feels more like a political thriller than a documentary”

In May, Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s progressive district attorney, beat back a primary challenge from Carlos Vega, a moderate Democrat. Since Philadelphia is a Democratic stronghold, Krasner is a shoo-in to win reëlection in November. The primary was viewed as a referendum on Krasner’s unorthodox approach to prosecution, which starts with the belief that shrinking the footprint of…

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The Washington Post names Philly D.A. “one of the best TV shows of 2021”

“Philly D.A.” has been compared endlessly to “The Wire,” and rightly so. An eight-part portrait of Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who was elected the head prosecutor of one of America’s most incarcerated cities in 2017 on a campaign of racial equity, the docuseries is a nuanced and sobering account of what it takes…

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Indiewire | “What is Philly D.A. and Why is it one of the years best shows?”

The heralded PBS docuseries is drawing comparisons to “The Wire” and… “The Office”? I’m relatively sure it’s the best documentary series of 2021. It’s certainly the most illuminating, enthralling, and impressive docuseries I’ve seen since Steve James’ “City So Real,”  Also, it’s pretty funny? Like, sneaky funny? It’s great. What a show. When it comes to…

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L.A. TIMES names Philly D.A. “one of the best TV shows of 2021”

In their eight-part “Independent Lens” documentary about newly elected Philadelphia Dist. Atty. Larry Krasner, whose reformist zeal becomes one of the city’s central flashpoints, filmmakers Ted Passon, Yoni Brook and Nicole Salazar achieve that rarest of feats: to produce “political” television that succeeds in dramatizing, at human scale, the most pressing issues of the moment — thorns…

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Time Magazine Names Philly D.A. “one of the best TV shows of 2021”

For a story that unfolds in conference rooms and government office suites, it’s quite a ride. Krasner fires scores of career prosecutors, takes on a powerful police union, fights conventional wisdom on probation and the opioid crisis. Granted incredible access, directors Ted Passon and Yoni Brook paint a portrait that feels favorable yet fair, capturing…

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NY TIMES | PHILLY D.A. “Critic’s Pick: The legal thriller we need right now…”

“Philly D.A.,” a new documentary series from “Independent Lens” on PBS, never steps inside a courtroom. There are no surprise witnesses, no brutal cross-examinations, no stunning verdicts. But it’s as captivating, timely and relevant a legal drama as you’re likely to watch this spring. The eight-part weekly series, which aired its first two episodes on…

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Vox says PHILLY D.A. is one of “15 groundbreaking, unsettling, joyous documentaries to look for this year.”

“Philly D.A. is an eight-part documentary series about Krasner’s new role, and it’s thrilling and intriguing to watch. The first two episodes, which premiered at Sundance, are engrossing, fast paced, and clear about the stakes of the DA office trying to implement a new agenda while retaining public trust, and the challenges of trying to turn a ship in a new direction. ”

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The Playlist says ‘Philly D.A.’ “Is A Fascinating Profile Of Progressive Politics In Action”

“[An] admirably complex and captivating eight-part series… There are no easy answers, only difficult choices, and “Philly D.A.” is at its most powerful when it reckons with the passion and discord in that space. From the outset, the series makes clear it will not be a hagiography of Krasner, a gripping study of the rippling fabric of a changing city as it shakes out the past in front of our eyes.”

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Hollywood Reporter reviews Philly D.A.

“[The] first two episodes mark an extraordinarily promising start for the series, which boasts impressive access to Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia district attorney’s office and a nuanced approach that works hard to give this specific situation universal ripples.

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